Frequently asked questions

Q: Why are your products priced lower than other stores? Is there any hidden cost?

A: There are several factors keeping our cost low. First of all, we have the deepest discount rate from the manufacturers because of our volume and good long term relationship with the factories. We mark up our products at reasonable percentage. Last but not least, our experienced technicians can help customers in the most efficient way. There is NO hidden cost. All of our products are free shipping to US 48 States. Some big items require business address with forklift or loading dock for free shipping. Otherwise $50-$100 extra will be added to your order. But we will let you know before you place the order. Shopping with us is money-saving and worry-free.

Q: What is NTEP? Do I need NTEP Scales?

A: NTEP for National Standards

Industry and government metrology professionals alike recognize the essential role that uniform standards play in maintaining equity in the marketplace. As new commercial weighing and measuring devices come to market, how can manufacturers comply with these standards without incurring costs of multiple redesigns or marketing delays? How can the various weights and measures jurisdictions have confidence that these newly designed devices are capable of meeting the applicable weight and measures standards? Where can both industry and weights and measure officials go to discuss solutions to certification of new devices and new technology?

The answer to these and many other related questions is NTEP – The National Type Evaluation Program.
Early Consensus Means Savings – For Manufacturers and Consumers: NTEP, a program of cooperation between the National Conference on Weights and Measures, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the states, and the private sector was created for just this purpose. Through twelve participating laboratories, NTEP evaluates the performance, operating characteristics, features and options of weighing and measuring devices against the applicable standards. Essentially, it provides a one-stop evaluation process that satisfies the initial requirements for introduction of weighing and measuring devices in the U.S. Ultimately, the savings that result from the efficiency of this process are passed along to consumers, making early type evaluation an integral link in the U.S. production chain.
NCWM Certificate: An official NTEP Certificate of Conformance is issued by NCWM following successful completion of the evaluation and testing of a device. This Certificate indicates that the device meets applicable requirements for commercial weighing and measuring equipment in the U.S.

NTEP Technical Committees: These technical Committees are made up of members from both the public and the private sectors. They meet to discuss and reach consensus on new or improved requirements for evaluation of new devices and new technologies.
Even a Broader Impact: Under the U.S./Canada Mutual Recognition Arrangement, examination and test results on certain devices from one country may be recognized by the other.

If you are buying or selling and basing a price on the weight of the items you are required by law to use an NTEP scale.

Types of businesses use NTEP scales include but not limit to: recycling centers, landscaping, seafood and produce, restaurants and delis, paper producing plants, textile and mills, some shipping companies. And most government agencies require NTEP.

If you are unsure if your business requires an NTEP scale, your state Department of Agriculture should be able to advise you. If in doubt, always buy NTEP.

Q: Why I just received part of my order?

A: For big items we ship via trucking. The indicator is usually shipped via FedEx or USPS to avoid loss during truck shipping. Both of them will probably delivered on the same day, but it is not always the case. So the platform or the indicator may be delivered earlier than the other shipment. The maximum of the difference is two days. Please contact us if you need to track your order or you can do so under your order history.

Q: How long is your warranty?

A: Most of our products come with one year warranty. The warranty coverage will be listed in the product descriptions.


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